EDTA Statement on President Biden’s Address to Congress

EDTA Statement on President Biden’s Address to Congress

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Washington, D.C. – Electric Drive Transportation Association President Genevieve Cullen released the following statement reacting to President Biden’s address to Congress: 

“Electric vehicles (EVs) and electric drive technology are essential to a transportation future that is built to provide cleaner air, more livable communities, and greater economic opportunity across all segments of the economy. In tonight’s address, President Biden outlined critical steps that we, as a nation, must take to secure this future. 

“In his first address to Congress, President Biden reaffirmed that he shares our vision for addressing the climate crisis and leading the global race for electric transportation. EDTA, representing the entire value chain of electric drive, is gratified to be working with the Administration and Congress to accomplish these urgent goals.”

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