Why Go Electric?

Why Go Electric?

In “Why Go Electric?” we’ll review how you can save time and money when you Skip the Pump, show that electric drive offers the best technology available in EV Performance, explain how EVs are better for the Environment and share facts about EV Safety.

Powering your plug-in is a more convenient and less expensive option. The big picture: it also keeps energy dollars in the U.S.Read more

Take a ride to truly understand the improved ride quality of a plug-in car:  quiet, smooth, and instantaneous torque and acceleration.Read more

Going to a plug-in car is a cleaner - and greener - choice no matter where you live in the United States. No tailpipe, no exhaust system, no emissions. Even emissions produced to charge plugs-in are far lower.Read more

Feel confident in the same rigorous safety testing and standards in place for plug-in cars as all others on the road.Read more